Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have a new blog! check it out and mark it instead of this one.....I will no longer be posting here, so truck on over to the new one!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Sweet Crosby!

Luke and Brock on the tube

catch me uncle Luke!

3 Amigos!

Grandpa & Grandma Brown
60 years!

Gage fishing

Daddy and Gage

I just love this!

at the sand dunes..

June was a crazy busy month! We took a looooong road trip to Michigan (26hours one way!!) with my whole family for my grandpa and grandmas 60th anniversary. We drove during the night and for the most part all went well as it could with a 2 and 4year old! We stopped in St. Louis on the way there and visited the arch and went to the zoo. While in Michigan we took the kids to the sand dunes and to see Lake Michigan.
Only a few days after getting home we left for PK. Chad's family has a reunion there every year. It has always been fun, but I enjoy it even more now that we all have kiddos! They all get along so good and have a blast playing together....(ahem...especially Brock..ha!)
This past weekend was spent in Ft. Worh celebrating Chad's grandparents birthdays. Pictures to come ina few days....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I WON!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!!! So several weeks ago, I looked into going to a photography workshop hosted by Lubbock's Lauren Clark and 3 other excellent photographers.......however, the $3000 it cost (not including air fair) was no where near possible for me. They did offer a scholarship to one individual. You had to do a series of silly things like add them on facebook, send a tweeter, post a blog about Love Affair, get the point. For every thing you did, your name was entered in the drawing once. It was possible to have your name entered 42 times, I did enough to have my entered 15......which I thought was a hopeless cause!! So today posted live on their blog.......IS MY NAME!!!!! I WON!!! So in July I will head out to Atlanta!

The great part about this story is that over the past several weeks, I have become a bit discouraged. Things are picking up with my photography business, but it is hard getting your name out there. I really started seeking God's help. Photography is consuming a lot of my time (and money), so I want to make sure that it is what the Lord wants me doing! No sense in wasting all my time if it is not in His will....right? I have been asking Him to confirm that this is indeed the direction I should be going, and today when I read my name on that website, I was reminded that He really is listening everytime we whisper His name! He is so good to us all of the time!

So greatful today!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the weekend in Midland with Pops, Mimi, Uncle Shane, Uncle Luke, Aunt Kylie, Brock & Crosby! Lots of fun!
The boys had a camp out in the backyard.....

lots of time spent riding bicycles.....

lots of hugs given.....

playtime in the pool (even for Shane)....

lots of smiles from sweet Crosby (which Shane only got from a distance).....
unlike the other nieces and nephews,Crosby is not a fan....

enjoyed some watermelon....

and the kids spent lots of time playing with Uncle Shane!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Today the kids and I spent most of the day outside in the water. They had so much fun playing in their little pool, and running in the yard! We filled up tons of water balloons and put them in the pool. I sat and laughed at the funny conversations they had with each other. At one point Gage was splashing MacKenna and she said, "No....Gage, me gorgeous!" She is so stubborn!
running for the sprinkler!

Get him Mac!

Look Momma!

Monday, May 11, 2009


This is what I did on Mother's Day
~went to church and had a dinner that the men prepared for all the mom's. (They did all the cooking themselves......and during the clean up decided that next year they will have it catered in!)

~relaxed and enjoyed a pedicure (Chad gave me a gift certificate)
~spent the afternoon taking some pictures

It was a great day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cali, Megan, & Mac

This last week I had a few photo shoots and thought I would post my favorites! Cali is my good friend Janet's little girl....she's so cute! However, I am partial to red heads....ha!

I had a blast with Megan! She is from Shallowater and is graduating from SPC this May. This girl had the cutest outfits, and of course no outfit is complete with out the perfect accessories.....which she nailed!

and of course let's not for get Mac....